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Most of the challenges and adventures undertaken on this blog have been paid for with my hard earned money (more's the pity because it has cost me a small fortune). On occasion I have been invited to take part in activities in order to review them on the blog. As per the usual blogging disclaimers: I will ALWAYS disclose when this is the case. Likely, I'll be so excited by it that I won't shut up about it so there's probably no need to set up this page discussing the matter.

I also won't ever review something that doesn't fit with the general ethos of this blog (as described below), or that I wouldn't take part in without an invite and pay for with my own money.

As much as I love a rant, I'll try to steer clear from negative blog posts so if I'm ever invited to review an event/item that I don't enjoy, I won't post about it. No incentives will change my mind about this.

Let's continue shall we?

The Blog Ethos

Most opportunities I receive are because this blog is perceived as a health and fitness blog. Let's make this a bit clearer.

This blog is about adventure. It's about doing things out of the ordinary. It's about pushing yourself past your self imposed limitations. It's about having fun. Naturally that fits in with the fitness niche because most of the challenges are physical. However, the point of this blog is not to advise people how to eat/work out because I sure as hell don't follow any advice. All I aim to do here is capture some of the adventures I go on, explore the world, keep myself active, do random things and share with you what I think while I'm doing that.

You're just as likely to find posts about travelling, exploring Scotland, working out what to do with my life and some which are just frankly rambling, as you are posts about health and fitness. You're also just as likely to read about me eating pizza as you are healthy food. I do hope that's alright :).

Sponsored Posts.

To date, I have written no sponsored posts on this blog. However, should this ever be the case. I will disclose this clearly at the end of the post. I will also use #spon in any social media promotion of the post.

Affiliate Links.

I may use affiliate links throughout this blog to link to products that I have purchased/found useful/been lusting over. Affiliate links means that if you click certain hyperlinks and purchase an item, I may receive a small commission from this purchase. Affiliate links will not affect the price that you pay.

Competitions and Giveaways.

I may from time to time run competitions and giveaways on the blog. Most likely this will be because a company has offered me an item free in order to do this. I will always make this clear to you. Promise.


I run sponsored advertisements through Passionfruit Ads. If you wish to purchase one you can do so below.

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