Sunday, 21 February 2016

Three weeks in

The first few weeks of our new life in Dundee have flown past. A mix of working, living and catching up with lots of people has meant that our days and evenings are full. This was exactly what we wanted after the quiet solitude of our lives in Edinburgh and while it's wonderful, it's also new and overwhelming and we're trying to negotiate with the time and space available to us in order to find the right balance.

Moving back to the place where I grew up brings with it mixed emotions. I'm excited to be closer to home but also, there's a sense of deja vu and perhaps, dare I say, defeat. I sleep in the same bed I did as a teenager. I ride the same bus to work that I rode into town on Saturdays to spend my pocket money. I traverse the city without really thinking about where I'm going or what I'm seeing because I know it too well.

I've been trying to make a conscious effort to get rid of this attitude and take a bit of time to appreciate my surroundings and let myself be surprised by things I find in a city I know well. The best thing about home is that it's only a short run to get out into the countryside and so when the light allows, I've been making sure that my running routes take me away from the grey pavements and out towards the fields and dighty (pronounced di-ch-ty) burn that travels southeastwards on its journey to meet the river Tay.

On our second weekend in our new home we ventured out to the snow covered Sidlaw Hills and I rejoiced in the fresh air and powdery whiteness of my surroundings. Then, that evening we found a new favourite pizza haunt, a most essential thing in any place I expect to call home.


  1. It looks beautiful there! Does it feel as though time has stopped? Haha I understand that feeling all too well truth be told. I hope you settle down soon. Plus, I am sure that things have changed since you were a teenager!

    Nat | Dignfiable

    1. Hello! Yes it definitely feels as though time has stopped. Things have changed but also, much remains similar so it's a strange feeling. It is more beautiful than I probably give it credit for.