Saturday, 27 February 2016

March Motivation

Er, so this is a really big photo of my face and was also not taken on my run today but whatever, it illustrates the general gist of the post well.

With the move back home, this month has felt a little bit surreal. While I get settled into my new life my motivation to do much other than work, eat and repeat has taken a bit of a hit. But alas, I am here to write a post telling you that this is about to change. March will be the month where I get my life together, once and for all. Erm, maybe.

It has started somewhat early as this morning I got up and went straight out for a six mile run. It's getting a little easier to convince myself to do that as the sun rises a little earlier and it no longer feels like I'm dragging myself out there in the middle of the night. It was a crisp, slightly frosty morning and the cold air turned my hands red and sent a chill through me as I breathed it in. It felt good. With that, the half marathon training has officially begun and I shall no longer purposely ignore my run keeper notifications. The app sends unfailingly cheery messages such as 'Looking forward to your 12 mile run tomorrow, Kylie?' Recently, these tend to be answered with a resounding 'fuck off'.

No more! Let's be friends again Run keeper. I truly apologise for my contemptuous behaviour.

I also bought myself a nice shiny pink yoga mat in order to encourage more dedication to practicing that more regularly so you can tell that I'm really serious about this lifestyle change.

Although, whilst I'm trying to be more motivated, I'm also trying to be a little bit more streamlined. This realisation occurred when I was frantically searching for a triathlon to take part in. The options available to me were the Montrose Triathlon, only a week after the half marathon or Monikie Triathlon two weeks before my wedding. Thoughts of injuring myself and hobbling down the aisle on crutches put the kibosh on that one. (As an aside, isn't that a wonderful idiom. I've spent half an hour on google trying to figure out what it actually means and where it comes from. Short answer is - I have no idea).

In amongst all this triathlon organising a thought occurred to me. Maybe I'm doing enough? Perhaps I don't always need to be cramming stuff in for the sake of it? Couldn't it be said that starting a new job, getting married, running a half marathon and writing a blog is enough for one person to do? I think, if I was being a little less tough on myself, I'd probably think it was.

So for March my goal is thus; focus on the running, the yoga, the wedding and the job and do the other stuff when I have the time and inclination. Hardly an epiphany I know but much needed nonetheless.

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