Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Girl seeks adventure

Reading through some of my 2015 posts it is abundantly clear that a lot of my time has been spent writing about how I'm not really doing anything. That is in fairly stark contrast to last year so I figured it was about time to resolve the little rut this here blog has gotten into. I am fond of an adventure, you might be aware, and the plan was to keep going with the sort of things I did last year. Recently I re-read the post written on the first of January this year and considered which items I had ticked off the list. It makes for sorry reading;

1. Go surfing - Nope

 2. Go Scuba diving - Nope

 3. Buy a house - Hahahahahahaha.

 4. Give blood as often as possible. - Erm, nope. Soz.

 5. Grow the readership of the blog a little. With this I'm mainly interested in more interaction i.e comments, talking to people on Twitter, attending events etc. Does one extra bloglovin follower count as growth? No?

 6. Take better care of my body. I really need to sort my nutrition out as I was plagued with illness and infection last year when I was a little bit run down.  ERM.......nope. My relationship with Nutella remains as strong as ever.

 7. Bag some more Munros (climb some more hills for anyone not au fait with this Scottish phrase!) - YES! Big fat tick beside this one. Although I didn't actually make it to the top. Let's just gloss over that fact.

 8. Do Tough Mudder again - Erm, I pulled out of Tough Mudder this year. My friend didn't really want to do it and as I wasn't really fit enough anyway I didn't make any effort to talk her into it.

 9. Spend more time with friends - Maybe? Probably not enough.

 10. Travel some more. In particular I'd like to get to Paris at some point this year. - I had a week in Rome and I'm hoping for a weekend trip somewhere if I can allow myself some money out of the wedding budget.

So in short, that's about two out of ten and we're more than halfway through the year. A bit pathetic. Despite this poor showing, my life hasn't been lacking in adventure this year, it's just that it has been in areas that aren't quite so easy to write about. It's been about being brave enough to quit a job I'd worked hard for to start all over at the beginning again. It's been about a partner who decided to set up his own business. It's been about finally getting the head down to start the book I keep telling myself I might possibly be able to write. It's been about deciding to hold a big fucking party soon to celebrate spending the rest of my life with one person. Life is good and exciting just now but because it's been so busy, hectic and *whispers* stressful, a lot of the more fun stuff that I really like to write about here on this blog just hasn't happened.
I think, overall, that it's okay that it's been this way because life itself is full of adventure isn't it? We don't always necessarily recognise them when they present themselves and setting out on one doesn't always feel like fun in the way that deciding to climb a mountain, or run a twelve mile assault course does. In fact, sometimes when those real life adventures present themselves you might find yourself lying on the floor, sobs racking your body and unable to move because you are paralysed by indecision. I did. I do. In the end, I always choose the adventure though. That's just the way I'm built. Slowly and surely, I'm starting to cut myself a bit of slack for this and recognise that it's not a bad thing to end up colouring outside of the lines sometimes.
But still, I miss the more tangible adventures which filled this blog so this is a formal note to say that normal service will resume, effective immediately. The way to get myself rolling on this matter is to write a plan and to publish it for all to see. That's how I convinced myself to stick with it first time around so here goes;
The challenge for July is to donate blood and to maybe climb another Munro.

For August it is to find someplace to go scuba diving. (Is this possible in Scotland? Will I die of hypothermia?).

In September I will travel alone someplace, as yet undefined.

I'll leave it at those few months for starters but as always, I'm happy to hear any suggestions or if you are undertaking an adventure and need someone to join you, I can always be counted on to take part in something not entirely sensible.

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