Friday, 15 May 2015

I haven't disappeared

I'm still here. I still think about writing sometimes but most of what I start never quite gets finished. It's partly a time issue because right now I don't have any. I'm working a lot and when I'm not working, I'm sleeping or eating or trying to exercise because doing so helps me to not be all tense and shitty. I'm spending a lot of time and effort trying not to be shitty.

So it's partly a time issue but it's also partly an issue of not wanting to use this space to moan about minor stuff. My life is a little bit upside down right now. Mostly that's my own doing, although not entirely. Anyway, it's only career stuff that's a little bit of a mess and that's the least important of all life's worries so I don't want to bore you with it. Right now, every blog post I start inevitably turns into a rant about how I'm nearly thirty and I DO NOT HAVE MY SHIT TOGETHER YET. If I could find a funny way to write about it then maybe I'd post one of them but at the moment they're just 500 words of moaning and I have no interest in sharing that with you.

Instead, I need to find something else to write about, but the time issue prevents too much thinking on this matter. There are a couple of exciting trips coming up at the end of this month and of course Tough Mudder is looming so I'm certain that I'll find some words soon. Also if you had any ideas about things you might like to hear about from me then you can leave a little comment or a wee tweet telling me so and I'll do my best to oblige. A bit of pressure to produce something can't hurt I guess.

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  1. cute pic. as I see it, it's your blog, you can rant if you want to. I find even trivial things make it hard sometimes but talking about it might get you through it better. I hope you get plenty of rest and stop worrying about things at least for an hour or two.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Hello!

      Aw thank you. This is such a nice comment. Its just tough to find things to write about when I'm so busy so it inevitably ends up just ranting about how busy I am! Ha.

      Thanks again and have a lovely day too :)