Saturday, 28 February 2015

This week's most loved

Photograph of Stevie Nicks found here 

Following on from the introduction to some of my favourite bloggers, I thought I'd try to keep going with this positive vibe I've got over here and share with you a few of my favourite posts/articles/general stuff that I've enjoyed this month.

These type of posts are pretty much done to death in the blogosphere but I DON'T CARE I"M DOING IT ANYWAY. There's a reason so many people do them. That is, it's nice to have a place to document the good things in your week and it's nice to share the love.


There's kind of a travel theme to the first few posts. I'm not sure what that says about my frame of mind at the moment other than that I probably need to book a holiday pronto.

I enjoyed this return to blogging from Katy at Not Wed or Dead in which she talks about her visit to Iguazu Waterfalls. It definitely looks like a pretty spectacular place to visit but I like the way that Katy doesn't sugar coat anything so you get a real idea of what it's like over and above the splendour of the waterfall.

This post from Travelettes about The Footprints We Leave Behind is really interesting as it raises an issue we don't often consider when we talk about travelling. I'm really interested in the debate about the impact that tourism has on popular destinations and I definitely need to watch the documentary discussed in this post. It seems quite balanced as it takes into account both the positive and negative impacts.

In this post Cat at Oddly Lovely writes about the difference between her and her partner when it comes to travel (He has the travel bug, she doesn't) and the way in which the relationship works despite that. Cat talks about the reasons she feels happy to stay at home while her partner goes off exploring with his friends. As someone who has gone travelling and left my partner at home (twice!!) it's interesting to read about the other perspective and I really enjoyed it.

Sometimes I struggle with the fact that I can't keep things to myself. I cannot feel annoyed at someone without telling them about it. I cannot want something and not ask for (or more likely demand) it. Patience is not a virtue of mine. I am bossy. I am needy. These are traits of mine that our society tends to think of as negative, particularly because I have the audacity to be female and be acting that way. To be feminine is to be passive, to wait for someone else to take the lead, to not say what you want out loud. Fuck that. This post from Shannon at Awash with Wonder is everything. Always speak your mind.

Listening to

Earlier this year I attended a Fleetwood Mac tribute band concert with my parent. I'm beyond cool, I know. Anyway, it was awesome and I discovered a couple of Fleetwood Mac songs that I'd never heard before, probably because I just play Rumours on constant repeat. One of those songs was Landslide and since then I've been playing this over and over. Stevie Nick's voice on this record is just divine. I'm in love.

I like a bit of gravel in female singers' voices (if that makes any sense!?) so I really like the way that Rihanna sounds on her new song FourFiveSeconds. The video is worth a watch for Kanye's terrible dance moves if nothing else.

And now for a seamless link... This week in the Live Lounge, one of my favourite male singers, James Bay, covered FourFiveSeconds and it was perfect. I've been playing most of his songs on repeat recently but I particularly like Sparks.  


We've been happily consuming Better Call Saul recently. I was concerned that it wouldn't live up to my expectations because I loved Breaking Bad so much but actually, it's been pretty good so I'm a happy bunny.

I've also started watching 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' which is funny, but quite close to the bone sometimes so it's not always the most comfortable viewing.

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