Sunday, 1 February 2015


Lately I've been feeling like I need a little bit more space. I love Edinburgh but sometimes it can get a bit claustrophobic. This feeling is surely exaggerated by the fact that I've been spending a lot of time in my flat at the moment. We're thinking of buying a place soon but every time we look at one it reminds us of just how little space we can afford. City living has many benefits but spacious housing is not one of them. I've been back to Dundee to stay with my parents for a couple of nights recently and it was nice to be in a house with a bit of room to rattle around in and a garden beckoning for me to stretch my legs, even if it was too cold to venture out.

Cabin fever isn't something new for me. I don't like to be hemmed in and I don't like to sit still. When I worked in an office, I couldn't sit at my desk for more than forty minutes. I had an insatiable urge to get up and wander about. It burned me up. I'd look out of the window and feel resentful that I was trapped inside. The sound of the air con pumping recycled air through the room taunted me. I'd finish the day and trap myself in my small car to make the journey back into the city at rush hour. A multitude of cars surrounded mine. The roads here seem narrow and so, so full. Every road is busy. One of the best things about living in a city is the way that it throbs with life, a frenetic, exciting heartbeat. One of the worst things about living in a city  is the way that it throbs with life, a tiring, noisy heartbeat.

Growing up, I kept horses and that meant that every single day, come rain or shine, I was outside. There were acres of fields to gallop through, woods to wander in, huge barns full of haybales to jump around on and plenty of space to just run free. I miss having a reason to get outside, because it's too easy to make excuses and keep myself bundled up in my small, warm flat.

If you asked most people who know me well, they probably wouldn't describe me as an outdoorsy person. I get cold really quickly and complain constantly about the wind whipping my hair about. I love being outside though. It's good for my soul I think, to feel like there's infinite space around me, to feel the pinch of the cold air on my face and to let my legs move themselves in whatever direction they desire.

One of the great things about living in this particular city is that it's easy enough to get away from the crowded streets and find a little bit of space.

I took a trip up to Arthur's Seat today which is an inactive volcano positioned at the bottom of Edinburgh's Royal Mile. It's a popular walking spot so it isn't particularly quiet but it does make up for that with its splendour. It makes me really happy to look down on the city and see that the buildings which were bearing down on me only five minutes before, look miniscule from this viewpoint. It makes me feel like I'm gigantic. It also reminds me that a bit of distance from things makes them seem much less imposing.

I'm not much of a photographer, nor do I really have the patience or inclination to learn properly but I've taken some iPhone snaps for you anyway. Ps - In the third photograph down you can see Calton Hill in the background.


  1. Lovely photographs again, Kylie. I'm with you on not having the patience or inclination to learn professional photograph - iPhone photographs all the way!

    I agree that living in the city can be a blessing and a curse - while it's nice to feel close to the exciting culture of a city full of people, on a day to day basis the constant noise and crowds can really start to stress me out. I like spending an empty Sunday going for a walk around the local park to soak up the fresh air and quiet - it's nice to get that little bit of breathing space from the city for a while, to clear your head and blow the cobwebs away!

    Your recent blog posts have really inspired me to do more than just stay in the chaos of Edinburgh city centre when I'm next through - it's incredible that the main streets are only a short walk from views like this.


    1. professional photography*!

    2. Thanks Charlene!! I'm glad someone likes my photos! I'm not the most visual person but I think that it helps break the wordiness of the blog up if I can add in some vaguely attractive pictures.And I'm with you on the iPhone thing! Who can be bothered carrying a real camera!?

      I'm glad it's not just me that feels this way about living in the city sometimes. I almost feel bad saying it because I love Edinburgh so much but sometimes I just can't deal with ALL THE PEOPLE! Does Glasgow have lots of nice places to get away from it all?

      Yes definitely go for a wander next time you're through in Edinburgh!! Calton Hill and Arthur's Seat are so close to the centre. Calton Hill is quite a short walk but Arthur's seat will take you an hour up and down (if you head straight up the steep bit). You could also spend a lot longer there because you can go round Salisbury Crags which is where these photos are (I didn't climb to the top that day) and there are a couple of other routes round the side too which are quite nice.