Sunday, 22 February 2015

Blog Love

A completely arbitrary photograph of girls at a tea party. Not entirely sure how this is relevant to the post but it's SO CUTE so I did it anyway. Credit to

Day to day, I read quite a few blogs but I rarely find the time to post a thoughtful comment mainly because I tend to read on my phone and it's just SO MUCH EFFORT. I always feel a little bit guilty that I consume all these words without giving any recognition to the hard work that the writers have put into crafting them.

I always really enjoy reading posts which share the blog love because it just seems like a really nice way to help people discover other blogs and show a bit of appreciation for the bloggers. The problem is that I don't express genuine enthusiasm that well. My typical position is sarcastic and deprecating so I find it hard to write positively without getting a little bit awkward about it all. I will try though. Just for you. So here's a bit of an introduction to some of my favourite bloggers and some of their posts to get you started.

Possibly my favourite blog ever is A Safe Mooring. I discovered Kirsty's blog before I even really knew what blogging was and I've been hooked ever since. I recommend starting at the beginning and working your way back. You'll laugh a lot, you'll almost definitely cry and you'll probably fall a little bit in love with her (and with her dog).

I love Shannon from Awash with Wonder's writing. Oftentimes I read her posts and I feel as if she has put into words the erratic thoughts flying around in my brain. That's definitely the case for this post: The Girl Who Didn't Go to Paris. My favourite line is 'I didn't know that surrendering to love requires that you give up your idea of what's supposed to be.'

Anyway, go read it and then read through all of the posts on her Start Here page. A couple of other personal favourites include The Importance of Being Naked, Love Advice for Daughters, Permission and, well, I could be here all day so I'll leave it at that.

My favourite blogger series is definitely Feel Good Friday by Charlene at Tartanmouth. Recently I've been avoiding the news because I just can't quite cope with the constant stream of negativity but that discussion probably merits a post all of its own. Anyway, Charlene's series picks out some nice news stories to brighten your week. Start with this one and work your way back. I promise that you'll feel better about the state of the world afterwards.

As per most of my favourite blogs, I'm never quite sure how I stumbled across Hazel Jane but I'm glad that I did because her posts are so well written and the photographs are ace. I'm always impressed by nice photos because I'm so half-arsed about taking them myself. Particular favourite posts of mine include What Would You Do if You Weren't Afraid? and Why do we Love?

I live out my travel dreams vicariously through Katy at Not Wed or Dead. Also, she's the host of Book Bloggers Chat which is pretty much the only blogger chat that I regularly take part in. One of my favourite posts is Why Climbing a Volcano is Snow Joke. As an avid and experienced climber (er, I climbed TWO mountains last year ok!?) I really enjoyed reading about her experience of this.

If I live out my travel dreams through Katy, then I live out my food dreams vicariously via Kirsty of A Dash of Ginger. A good Edinburgh lass like myself, Kirsty's recipes are just spot on. The cakes, oh the cakes.....

One day I'm going to attempt to make these Cinnamon Rolls or maybe Kirsty could just make them and deliver them to me? Thanks. I have made her energy bites though and can confirm that they pleased even a hardened chocolate obsessive.

Recent posts by Peonies and Polaroids such as this one on Living Adventurously  and things she might want to do  were just really what I needed to read right now because, 'hello existential crisis my old friend'. I am trying to write a post about my current situation but I don't think I can put it into words as eloquently as Cara does here so just read that instead. is just a fucking cool blog and in her own words, is a fitting name for Hanna. Ughhh fuck you SEO title and focus keyword is one of my favourite posts. All the writing is spot on and the photographs are incredible. Did I mention that I'm really impressed by people with photography skills?

Happy reading folks :)


  1. Thank you for mentioning me, Kylie! I'm so happy you're enjoying my Feel Good Friday posts - they're definitely my favourites to research and write.

    I love posts which share the blogger love - blogging can be a bit of a thankless task (I love it, but it does suck up a lot of free time and most bloggers don't get any money in return) so I think taking time to leave a comment on a post you enjoy, or sharing it on Twitter, or mentioning it on your own blog, is such a lovely way to give something back to other bloggers.

    By the way, if you like A Dash of Ginger, I think you'll also love Bridget's blog Dear Baker: She is currently putting together a cake map of Edinburgh and baking things inspired by her favourite cakes in various tea rooms and cafes around the city!


    1. You're welcome!

      I agree. The biggest reward of blogging is hearing that others enjoy what you write so I think it's a nice thing to do from time to time.

      I'll check that blog out - thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Tiny! Lots of great blog recommendations!! This is my fav just now... xx

    1. Erm, your second favourite right? ;)

  3. ermm... yeh that's what I meant :p

  4. Just saw this - thank you so much! You've made my day (and Smidgen's too). Another kick in the pants for me to start blogging regularly again...

    1. You're welcome! Glad it's made your day :) Even semi regularly keeps us Safe Mooring fans happy haha.