Sunday, 22 February 2015

Style Me February without the style

Definite trend towards 'so casual I might as well not bother changing out of my pyjamas' on my Pinterest board.

God, I can't get the quality of these instagram pictures to look any better!!

It was always going to end up this way wasn’t it? Did any of you foresee otherwise? You have way more faith in me than you really should. I heartily recommend dialling that optimism back a little bit.

The February style challenge was a resounding success. If you count four photographs out of twenty eight potential opportunities as a resounding success, which I do so there you go. Setting expectations low guarantees satisfaction. That's my sage advice for the day.

My learnings from the February style challenge are:

1)      I like pyjamas.
2)      I like clothes that are basically just pyjamas appropriate for outside wear. 
3)      I like stripes. 
4)      I like trainers.
5)      I’m not really very stylish am I?
6)      I wish I looked like the people on Pinterest who clearly have their shit together.
7)      I’m not sure that I’ll ever have my shit together.
8)      I should really iron my clothes more often but that would require having my shit together. See point 7.
9)      I quite enjoy having a job where I have to wear a uniform. It strips all sartorial stress away from me.
10)    I think I’d look a little more like I had my shit together if I bought new shoes. Ones which aren’t trainers or £5.00 ballet pumps from Primark ideally.

Like these ones maybe?

I mentioned before that I’m all about that sensible shoe game and I think that these ones are fancy yet sensible enough to suit my desires. I was sold at the mention of a ‘sturdy, thick sole.’ Stop with the sexy talk Mr Geiger. Seriously though, look at that sole! My arches would be so supported. Heavenly.

The other challenge, which was to run 5k in 20 minutes, was going fairly well, with some impressive improvements in my pace. That was until I just stopped. Work, travel and my comfy bed got in the way of
this challenge recently. Next week is surely my week for picking back up where I left off. Definitely next week, I promise.

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