Thursday, 8 January 2015

One about planes again

I had a conversation this week which was about the things that we regretted doing when we were younger. Both stories traded involved cars, roads we thought we knew well and driving a little too fast for our own good. Neither ended too badly, but the older versions of ourselves know how differently things could have turned out and feel angry at the carelessness that we displayed back then. We both lamented that if it was possible to turn back time then we'd wipe the mistakes from our records and have a nice clean slate. Thinking about it later, I wondered if that was ever a wise thing to wish for.

There are certain other points in my history that inspire a feeling of regret within me when I look back on them. Throughout my teenage years I would tell anyone who listened about my plans to travel the world. The plans were vague but regardless, I applied for deferred entry to my University course meaning that I would start my course in September 2006, allowing me a year before then to travel the world to my heart's content.

My first jaunt was across to Gran Canaria to visit my cousins who were living there. The trip made me reconsider my future. I was lonely, with no travelling companions and I felt far too small for such big adventures. I returned a week before planned. Feeling very dejected, as I sat on the plane making my way home I made a decision to contact the University, bring my deferred entry forward to begin that September (2005) and put the travelling on hold until the summer break. Sometimes I force myself to relive that decision and chide myself for failing to follow through with my original plans as I've never really managed to see them through in the way that I imagined.


On Monday night, I watched The Undateables, which is a show that I'd initially written off as crass and patronising but has actually become a firm favourite of mine. I find it completely unpatronising, sweet and quite kind actually. This week the show followed as Alex and Eloise went on a date and seemed to hit it off, despite a little bit of difficulty with both of their nerves. There was one scene in particular which was on the second date when they both sat in discomfort and the effort of trying to think of something to say was worn obviously on Alex's face. It reminded me of the awkwardness of dating which isn't something I often think about because it has been over nine years since I went on a date. In fact, it's been longer than that since there was any awkwardness involved.

Watching the program always makes me think about the ways in which people meet. I am completely enamoured with trying to understand why certain people fit well together while others don't. It's often difficult to articulate exactly what makes relationships 'work' and that makes it all the more interesting. Is it personality, circumstance or just good old perfect timing?


I met Ryan on the fourth night of my University Fresher's week in 2005. I wasn't supposed to be there according to my original plans.

Almost a decade of my life can be traced back to a single decision made at 30,000 feet. A decision which I thought was about one thing but was actually about something else entirely.

Isn't life a funny thing?

How did you meet someone significant? I'm intrigued to hear your stories. 
Can you trace your path back to one important moment or decision?

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