Tuesday, 27 January 2015

January can do one. I'm all about February anyway.

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Normally I don't hate January. I've hated this one though. It's been so damn boring. Being in between employment is weird because I essentially have nothing of importance to do but it constantly feels like there's something that I should be doing. It's that feeling of walking into a room and completely forgetting what you came for. There is definitely something that needs to be done, else I wouldn't have moved from my comfy couch, but I just have no idea what it is.

At this point last year I had signed up for about five of the twelve challenges to be spread throughout the year. In contrast my biggest challenges so far this year have been;

1) Convincing myself that I should get out of bed before noon on weekdays.

2) Coming to terms with the fact that I used the words 'basin of sick' in a blog post.

3) Trying to watch less than 12 hours of television every day.

4) Trying to plan adventures costing zero pounds and zero pence. Not happening.

It's dire up in here.

BUT, I am not the only person feeling like this. I know this because becoming a blogger isn't just about writing your own, vaguely pointless, navel gazing posts. Nope. It's about stalking other peoples' lives and finding out what they feel/think too. It's a little creepy but also lots of fun.

Whereas I tend towards writing posts just moaning about my miserable January, other bloggers actually offer some sensible advice to overcoming that listless feeling which is permeating my existence. I like to think that I'm pretty good at the old advice thing - see here, here, here and here for examples. Good at giving it out yeah, but not so good at taking it. Ain't nobody gon' tell me what to do. Except, this advice was kind of sensible so I'm changing my typical aversion to advice taking and jumping all over the stuff.

Charlene's advice was as follows; (I advise that you read her actual words instead of just my terrible paraphrasing of it. There I go again, handing my wisdom out for free!).

Tick off a project - I have so many things that I want to do but my bank account is not on the same page as me in that respect. Until the new job starts, the projects are going to have to be a little bit small and cheapskate.

I realised the other day that I've been trying to hit a twenty minute 5k run for the past two years and I've never made any improvements. Admittedly that's probably because the only effort I make towards achieving it is mentioning it vaguely in passing. Good effort.

With nothing else to focus on, this has become my goal for the next few weeks. Since last week I've gone from 3.12k to 3.37k in twenty minutes. Baby steps but steps anyway. I reckon I can comfortably hit 4km but getting to 5km might not be so easy. I am taking bets on the likelihood of me passing out on the treadmill. 10 - 1. Odds on.

The extra time on my hands also led me to give my wardrobe a bit of an overhaul so now everything has its own hanger as opposed to sharing with two other items of clothing. I'm not really into fashion rather I tend to stick to a uniform of jeans, oversized jumpers and converse. That said, I really have a shit load of clothes and they largely go unworn. Just for something a little bit lighthearted and fun I thought that I'd try out a style challenge for February. I'm going to do this one. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for terribly awkward selfies and join in the 'fun'. Erm, also if someone could explain what gams are that would be really helpful (see no. 3).

Look forward to something. - Despite my bleak mindset at the moment, I've actually got lots of exciting stuff coming up. I mean, apart from an Instagram style challenge of course. A couple of them (going to see Kevin Bridges and an exciting family wedding) are a little bit further away but others, like my trip to London, are right around the corner. Yippee.

Eat a Stroopwafel - Preferably directly before running so that the sugar high aids in achievement of project '5k in 20' (it rhymes! Oh god, I might actually make this a hashtag. What am I becoming?). I actually took this advice and bought myself my first ever Stroopwafel. Twas sound advice on Charlene's part.

Read a book - Recently, I've read Wild by Cheryl Strayed which made me want to climb another mountain and Yes Please by Amy Poehler which made me want to write an autobiography filled with sarcastic wisdom. Just need to actually live a life of note now as opposed to watching Netflix all day, every day.

I particularly liked Charlene's advice but there were other posts which spoke to me too. Rosie and  Hazel Jane's  in particular so I recommend you check those ones out too if you have also succumbed the January blues. I also really liked the sentiment of this one.

And if all that fails, I'll leave you with this Buzzfeed link about Goats which is sure to make you smile a bit. Too cute.


  1. I'm the same as you - usually I don't mind January's but this one is dire!! These sound like great, do-able goals for the month! You'll smash that 5k soon :)

    February is way better anyway, it's my birth month ;)

    Good luck with your goals!! :)

    Hazel xx

    1. Yeh, I'm not sure why this one has been so miserable for so many people. I'm not so sure I'll hit the 5k in 20 minutes but I'm going to see how close I can get anyway!

      Haha oh I love birthday months - they're the best!

  2. Thank you again for mentioning my post, Kylie! I'm happy that my advice gave you a little bit of January motivation - I don't know why, but January 2015 did seem particularly miserable for a lot of people!

    Well done on ticking off some goals - I'm particularly in awe of your 5k practice. I can barely run to the end of the road without getting a stitch, so I should perhaps use your training as motivation to eat less Stroopwafels and get more active in 2015, haha!


    1. You're very welcome Charlene. Your original post really did help give me a wee kick up the bum and get myself out of my slump!

      Ha it is important for me to point out that it''s very unlikely I'll ever hit that 5k goal. Since writing this post I haven't attempted it again so y'know, not really going that well.....