Sunday, 14 December 2014

A wee thank you post

In the last post I mentioned briefly that there have been many wonderful people who have accompanied me on this bizarre and wonderful journey that I've gone on this year. Their input into this year deserves much more than a small paragraph shoe-horned in between my other ramblings so I have dedicated this entire post to them.

Firstly, there are a couple of fairly generic mentions which need to be made. The purpose of this year was to raise a sum of money for two charities. To that end, I am eternally grateful to every single person who made a donation to either of the causes. I appreciate how annoying it must have been to be bombarded by my fundraising requests but the money that you have donated will be going towards two really wonderful causes. For this I thank you lovely, kind people. May your karma be forever good.

Further thanks are due to those who retweeted my blog posts, who liked my Facebook posts, who commented on the blog and anyone who took the time to read the words that I've written over the past year. The blog is small and it doesn't fit into most of the usual niches but each and every visit makes my heart sing a little bit so cheers for that. I hope that you've enjoyed the random chat that tends to go on around these parts.

Right, that's the generalities done with so let's crack on with the good stuff. This year would not have been nearly as wonderful without those that joined in with me. Nor indeed would it have been possible at all without others. They all deserve a special mention.


I don't see you nearly often enough for my own good. Without your help this year I likely would have been completely underprepared for climbing Ben Nevis (who knew I'd need waterproofs, walking boots and comfy socks!?). Thanks are due for inviting me to your Mum's wonderful home in Aberfeldy and forcing me to climb at least one smaller mountain before attempting to reach the highest point in the UK. That really was quite a sensible idea. I'm glad that I bagged my first Munro with you at my side.

I suppose also that I should make a begrudging thanks for suggesting that our recuperative Sunday involve a 20km bike ride, albeit punctuated by a visit to the market to buy cakes.

Finally, I'm so lucky to have a climbed Ben Nevis alongside a friend with pockets full of blister plasters and energy bars which I raided throughout the climb.

Let's do it all again soon.

The Ben Nevis crew (Amy, Andrea, Livy and Ryan)

You all made one of the hardest challenges also one of the most enjoyable. Thank you for making the three hour trip up to Fort William and I'm sorry that you were forced to listen to my chat for nearly eight hours but please know that I enjoyed every second of it.

Thanks for looking vaguely concerned when I fell on my bum (Livy) and for ramming energy bars down my throat when I was close to collapse (Ryan and Andrea).

Three peaks challenge next year guys? No? Oh well.


My wee pal and the only person stupid brave enough to take on Tough Mudder with me. You put me to shame, beasting your way through all the obstacles and waiting patiently for me as I had a wobbly at the thought of jumping into the water. I'm forever grateful that you did just about as little training as I did in preparation for the day, so my feelings of guilt and panic were somewhat lessened.

Let's run the whole way next year?


My Edinburgh 'Dad' who helped me to overcome the mental block which was stopping me from swimming. Without your help I'd have never completed the Triathlon, had the nerve to jump off a twelve foot drop into muddy water, or even considered the possibility of getting myself into a kayak. What a loss that would have been.

So, thank you for not laughing too much when you discovered that I don't even put my face under the shower and for introducing me to the wonderful invention that is the nose clip.


My Edinburgh 'Mum' who has helped me discover some of the most wonderful parts of Edinburgh. I always enjoy coming along on your walks and I'm sorry that I haven't made it along to all of them this year. I'll try harder next year. That first twelve mile walk back in February made it clear that I was definitely underestimating the stamina required to climb a mountain.

The NFU Scotland girls.

Firstly, thanks go to Michelle and Ruth who roped me into Colour Me Rad which was a thirteenth challenge for the year. Perhaps they thought that I didn't have enough going on!? Regardless, it was great fun so thanks for the suggestion and for joining me around the course.

A special thanks are in order for Michelle who very kindly provided me with a fancy, shiny bike to take part in the Triathlon after my childhood bike died a painful death on the Duathlon course. I am very sorry that I stained the handlebars with my wet gloves. Further to the crucial loan of a bike, Michelle also provided me with wet shoes which perfectly co-ordinated my outfit for the kayak adventure. If anyone can help such a lost cause look vaguely co-ordinated, they must be a very stylish person indeed.

Kerry and Ruth deserve a special thanks for calming my nerves ahead of the kayak challenge and for being much braver than I am and venturing out onto the Loch before me.

All of the NFU Scotland girls have been wonderful in sharing my adventure with others and supporting me in any way possible. You are wonderful. I miss you all.

My parents.

I can't even begin to thank you sufficiently for your support this year. You have been my biggest supporters, commenting on everything I've posted on social media, giving FAR more than your fair share of donations to the fundraising page, reading my blog religiously and transporting me around the country to enable me to embark on these ridiculous endeavours.

I'm forever grateful that you didn't attempt to talk me out of anything, even when I know you'd rather I didn't do it. You didn't even get TOO annoyed when I told you via a Facebook post that I'd be kayaking down a Loch the next morning.

You stood outside in miserable, Scottish weather on more than one occasion to watch me crossing the finish line. My nerves often got the better of me and I was snappy and short with you but you both knew that it was just nervous anticipation and you let it slide. Sorry and thanks for that.

Finally, just a huge thank you for being brilliant, funny and for supporting me no matter what hare-brained idea I come up with - this year and beyond.


Thanks for spending your precious free time designing the blog and for not getting (too) annoyed when I changed my mind and said that I wanted something different from what you'd been doing for the the past 89, 475, 656 hours.

On the subject of blog design, it was nice of you to pretend to be impressed when I managed to make all my pictures and text align. I know that it was most definitely not as exciting for you as it was for me so cheers for letting my joys be yours too.

When not giving up your time to make the blog look pretty, you've also given up more of your Sundays than you should have to act as my personal videographer/photographer/coat holder/general lackey. I am forever demanding the centre of attention and you are forever accommodating of that.

Outside of your work behind the scenes you've also accompanied me on a couple of the challenges. I'm glad that you agreed to join in the Ben Nevis climb even though your poor knee probably didn't benefit from a seven hour hike up a huge hill. It wouldn't have been the same without you at my side.

You also joined in the challenge at Go Ape. There is nobody I'd rather be fannying about the tree tops with. I think there's a rhyme about something like that....

Finally, thank you for being around for all of my adventures and here's to many more.


  1. Aww such a nice post. I love reading your blog as it looks like you have so much fun doing ticking these adventures off your list. It gives me a kick up the bum to be more active and say yes to things I would normally run away from! Looking forward to what fun you have planned in 2015!

    1. Thanks!! I thought it was nice to shine a light on the people who've come along for the ride this year as I certainly wouldn't have managed it without them.

      It's funny you should say that reading my blog gives YOU a kick up the bum to say yes to more adventures when you're out exploring the world and having loads of adventures that make me well jealous! Hope you're enjoying South America and don't worry - I'll be back in 2015 with some more adventures too. :)

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