Tuesday, 4 November 2014

One in which I introduce myself

As you might have gathered from the last post, life has been a little bit quiet around these parts recently and inspiration for blog posts has been a little thin on the ground. Maybe you come round these parts of the internet for more than just stories about how I very nearly left the house without trousers on. If you do, I'd like you to readjust your expectations accordingly.

Anyway, I felt like writing something, but didn't really have much to write about until I came across one of these blogger questionnaire things that sometimes does the rounds. I've been blogging for the best part of a year already and have never really introduced myself so I thought that now was as good a time as any....

1) How tall are you?

I'm 5, 4.

Technically, that's not true.

I'm 5,3 and 3/4s but I always round up. Also, 5,4 is above average height (or so Wikipedia told me) so if everyone can stop with the patting on the head and the picking me up without my permission that would be great.

2) Do you have a hidden talent?

Erm, it's not really a hidden talent, nor is it probably that rare a skill but I am a horse rider. Not everyone can do that. Right?

If that doesn't count as a hidden talent then I can also make my pinkie toes wiggle without moving any of my other toes. Still probably not classified as a talent. This game sucks.

3) What is your biggest blogging related peeve?

Sorry for being a complete pedant but bad spelling and grammar really piss me off. *frantically checks post for own spelling and grammar mistakes of which there are probably a few*

4) What is your favourite song?

As mentioned before I'm a little bit obsessed by First Aid Kit. I love all their songs so it's tough to choose one but I'm going to go with My Silver Lining....and EmmyLou. Okay that's two songs but I couldn't help myself.

As for my favourite song of all time - Carolina in My Mind by James Taylor has some pretty strong memories attached to it.

5) What's your favourite way to spend time alone?

Have I mentioned Gossip Girl before?

Actually, I finished that programme. I watched all six seasons within a month which I consider to be a major life achievement, particularly considering how terribly dire it became towards the end.

My new current favourite thing to do when I'm along is watch The Vampire Diaries. Evidently I like television shows aimed at my inner teenager.

Other than watching TV which I realise makes me sound slightly depressing, I have a variety of activities in which I partake when I am left to my own devices. These include;

Reading. I want to pretend that I read a lot of books but actually this mainly pertains to twitter, the daily mail side bar of shame and wikipedia (because I like knowing random information).
Writing a first chapter of a novel.
Realising that I don't have a second chapter.
Repeating this process regularly.
Laughing at my own jokes.
Pinning motivational quotes on Pinterest.
Eating cereal instead of meals
Eating half of Ryan's chocolate then putting the other half in the bin. Possibly his least favourite habit of mine?

I consider it a blessing that I don't live on my own.

6) What's your favourite junk food?

Lidl's white chocolate and Pizza. Not at the same time as that would be ridiculous. Or would it? 

7) Do you have a pet?

YES! I have the world's coolest cat. His name is Crunchie because I named all my cats after chocolate bars. (Whispa, Minstrels and Crunchie). I was a chubby child.

Crunchie has used approximately five of his nine lives thus far. His escapades include being run over, going for a spin in the tumble dryer, falling into a drum of oil and ingesting some, being shot in the face with an air pellet gun and being locked in a shed for a length of time.

Not all of these were my mother's fault. Some were though and I don't let her forget it.

8) When were you last embarrassed. What happened?

My life is a catalogue of embarrassment.

Like the time I whipped some lube out in front of my parents.

Or the time I had to ask strangers in the swimming pool to find my nose clip for me.

Or today, when I wore my jumper backwards for the first hour and a half of my working day.

I could go on. The point is though, that none of these things really embarrass me. Perhaps it's the frequency with which such things tend to happen to me that means I don't get embarrassed very easily. A side effect of this is that I tend to over share. You might have noticed that.

The last time I was properly embarrassed was probably summer 2012 when my flip flop fell off as I was walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid in my friend's Ibizan wedding. I had to limp down the whole aisle, with one flip flop on and one left tragically behind.

The whole saga culminated in my friend, the bride, having to stop on her way down the aisle to pick up my flip flop and pass it to me as she reached the alter.

9) If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life (apart from water) what would it be?

Strawberry and Lime Cider. On ice, with a wedge of lime thank you very much.

10) If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

Currently, I want to live in Berlin.  I have a basic grasp of German - 'Hallo, Ich heisse Kylie. Ich bin sieben und zwanzig jahre alt' - so I'm halfway there really.

I've also had a lifelong obsession with Italy, which I believe is largely down to the pasta and pizza. Again, I have fairly proficient language skills to live in this country. By this of course, I mean that I have the skills to order pizza and ask for directions to, erm, the church. 'Dove la Chiesa?' 

I'm hoping that other destinations can be easily substituted once I know their italian names.

In short, either Berlin or Italy (probably Rome) will do.

For now, I live in Edinburgh and that's good too because there is a castle here.

11) Last romantic gesture from a crush/date/boyfriend/spouse.

Ryan bought me Lidl white chocolate and strawberry and lime cider. He knows the way to my heart.

12) What do you have hung on your wall that you adore?

I have signed James Taylor tickets hanging on my wall. I battled my way through a crowd of octogenarians for these so they're very precious.

Also see question 4.

13) What blogger do you secretly want to be friends with?

Well this is worded quite creepily.

My favourite bloggers are as follows;

Awash With Wonder
A Dash of Ginger
Tartan Mouth
Not Wed or Dead
Hazel Jane

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