Sunday, 21 September 2014

Things I've learned this week

This week has been one full of life lessons which I felt it necessary to share with you. I might possibly, slightly be stating the obvious but I'll crack on regardless.

Life Lesson Number One.

Thieves don't discriminate.

If you leave your bike unattended they will steal it. They will steal it even when said bike is fifteen years old, has flat tires and no working brakes.

Granted, I did leave the bike outside in the hope that this would happen because nobody wanted to buy it for a tenner on Gumtree and I couldn't be bothered driving it around to the recycling centre. Despite wanting it to happen I still felt a little bit violated when it did go missing.

Life Lesson Number Two

The moment that you feel motivated to get back into the exercise malarkey, you will fall ill.

A couple of weeks ago, I went for a run which brought me back to life after a little slump. I was filled with energy and excitement to get back into some form of routine exercise, to start feeling bouyant again instead of deflated. I immediately got the cold.

Last week, I went swimming and bought a new bike. I started to feel excited at the possibility of going exploring on my new bike while the sun was still shining in Edinburgh.  I immediately got the cold.

I can't get rid of this bloody cold now which means that I haven't exercised in over a week, have spent a ridiculous amount of time watching Gossip Girl, and haven't really had the energy to do anything productive at all.

Life Lesson Number Three. 

You should exercise restraint when it comes to kissing people who are full of the cold.

This is true, even in those situations when you think that because you had the cold first that you have passed it to them and somehow you are exempt from catching the bugs. You are not. You will get ill and you will be forced to confront life lesson number four.

Life Lesson Number Four

Other people will not be so forthcoming with their kisses when you are ill.

Not only can I not persuade him to even give me a kiss, but I am also not allowed to stand within a five metre radius, breathe in his general direction or cook anything lest I breathe all over the food. Having the cold is miserable and lonely and I just want to STOP SNOTTERING!


  1. Haha oh dear - I feel bad for laughing at your misery but this was a funny post! My mum always says that when me or my brother were little and got ill she always wanted to cuddle us and look after us but my dad had no sympathy and wouldn't come anywhere near! Hope you're feeling better soon :) x

    1. Haha oh god I can imagine that will be the case if we have children! I'm well enough now to be allowed to cook (lucky me) but coming within a five metre radius is still off limits. I'd be more annoyed if I hadn't laughed in the face of his infectious germs and then ended up catching it haha x

  2. aww I've had a cold this week too! Pretty miserable! Hope you're feeling better soon. And just because you're infectious doesn't mean he can't do things for you ;)

    1. Thanks for commenting :) I'm feeling much better now, hope you are too? Aw he looked after me well, just from a distance haha.

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  4. Oh no, I hope you're starting to feel better! I hate the curse of the reoccurring cold - a persistent problem when you work in an open plan office!


    1. Ha yes all better now thanks to an abundance of vitamin C tablets no doubt. Argh I know, it's the air con that does it, spreading all the germs around!