Saturday, 13 September 2014

I forget the rest

Technically this quote is paraphrasing the wonderful Walt Whitman. If you're interested, what he actually wrote was ''day by day and night by night we were together - all else has long been forgotten by me''

Today is a remarkable day for me because it marks nine years to the day that I successfully managed to chat up a boy with floppy, blonde highlighted hair and ripped jeans. Or, if you're minded to believe his side of the story, it's been nine years since I responded positively to a group of young men catcalling me as I stumbled drunkenly out of the nightclub toilets. I'm all for being a strong, independent woman so I'm going to stick with the first explanation. Girl power and all that.

Ordinarily, chatting up boys with floppy hair and ripped jeans, while delightful of course, wouldn't necessarily be cause for celebration nine years later. In this particular case though I'm not only celebrating the original cajolery (my word of the day - if you're interested), but also the fact that I've managed to keep him hanging around since then. I have very little understanding of exactly how I've managed to do this, but here we are anyway.

It's a strange feeling because I'm pretty certain that nine years ago I was only about ten years old so I definitely should not have been out in nightclubs chatting boys up. Of course, I'm fooling myself because if that were the case I'd only be nineteen now and actually I'm twenty-seven. Clearly there is a huge chunk of my life that I've just lost. Where did it go? I genuinely can't remember. It's terrifying. When I try to piece together those missing nine years, I realise that most of my memories involve him in some way or another, even when he wasn't even part of the original event.

It's also a pretty strange realisation that I have spent more years of my life dating someone than I spent at high school. It makes me feel like a real grown up which isn't a feeling I'm generally accustomed to. To counterbalance this horrendous realisation that I'm officially old, I thought about spending this evening drinking lots of cider and pretending that I'm fifteen again but then I realised that I am definitely as old as it says on the tin and all I really desire is a nice meal and an early night. Luckily, the other half seems to want the same things from life these days so that should all go to plan.

Anyway, whichever version of the story you believe, nine years ago tonight I met a boy with blonde hair and baggy, ripped jeans. He was warned that I was trouble by a kind friend of mine and he wilfully ignored this useful advice. More bloody fool him. I suspect that I probably have been trouble a lot of the time but I also like to imagine that I've been quite a bit of good fun too. At least, I hope he's had as much fun as I have.


  1. Nine years is a crazy amount of time to be with someone! (Crazy in the I have never had a relationship that lasted longer than two years so it's hard to imagine way, not in the crazy bad way.) Congratulations :)

    1. Thanks for the congrats! It is indeed crazy. It doesn't feel like it's been that long but then at other times it feels like it's been even longer (if that makes sense!).