Sunday, 14 September 2014

Challenge Number 9 - part 1. Car booting

There are some who might think that this month's challenge is a bit of a cop-out as it didn't involve some wacky, fitness related activity. I would suggest, however, that anyone who doubts how challenging a car boot sale is obviously hasn't been to one and met some of the characters who frequent these events. Characters like the man wearing a t-shirt which said 'It's not how deep you fish, it's the wriggle of your worm.''

Or this weirdo wearing ear muffs in summer weather.

(This is actually my lovely mother who puts up with my mad ideas and my lack of organisational skills every day).

You get all sorts, you really do.

It was also a big challenge for me as I have recently come to the realisation that I'm an obsessive hoarder. In fact, I'm so convinced by this that I suspect that my fifteen minutes of fame will be on one of those terrible television programmes where people crawl into my house and exclaim with distaste things like..

''You have how many wardrobes full of clothes!?''


''Exactly how many pairs of pyjamas does one person need? Clearly she is deranged.''

It's not that I'm particularly materialistic. In fact as I age, I'm much less interested in material things, clothes especially. Rather it's that I'm ridiculously sentimental about things. Rooting through my drawers trying to decide what could go and what couldn't was therefore a fairly emotional experience. I came across many things I couldn't bear to part with, like the top I wore the first night I met Ryan, the jumper that was my favourite six years ago and the jeans I wore that time I bought a pizza from Asda and the person behind the counter put just the right amount of toppings on it.  Of course I also struggled to part with anything which looked like it might still vaguely fit me (''I'm sure I'll wear it again one day. It will definitely come back into fashion at some point. Right?'').

Worst of all, I think, is the depth of my attachment to anything which was gifted to me. A prime example of this is that Ryan once asked to use one of my toothbrush heads as he'd ran out and I refused on the grounds that my Mum put them in my stocking for Christmas and they wouldn't be 'special' anymore if he used them. You can see that this might present a problem for throwing things out. Oh no, not that top. It was a Birthday gift eight years ago. Do I ever wear it anymore? No but that's beside the point. Nope, I can't throw away that hot water bottle because I bought it with a gift voucher my aunt gave me and I'll feel sad. Does one person need seven hot water bottles? Probably not but it's the principle of the matter isn't it? However, despite my clearly obsessive hoarder proclivities I actually managed to select quite a lot of items to take to the car boot sale and I only cried on about three occasions so it was all good.

I arranged for my Mum to come through to my flat the night before so we could get up early on the day. My collection is so expansive that it spreads into her house too so she spent some time cleaning out the wardrobe in my old room. She loaded everything in her car and drove an hour and a half to Edinburgh only to be told that, ten minutes before she arrived at my flat, I had discovered that the car boot sale we planned to go to was actually held on Sunday instead of the Saturday. OOPS - sorry Mummy!

Thankfully we found an alternative venue to flog all my precious, precious items on the Saturday as originally planned. The day went well and I managed to make £110 to split between the two charities that I'm raising money for. I might have been a bit sentimental about parting with those items but knowing that the funds raised are going towards something so positive definitely makes it much easier.

p.s - This is part one of this month's challenge because I plan to continue with the 'giving away' theme and donate some blood but I need to wait until I'm over these pesky colds that keep infecting me.

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