Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A rage about a nose clip

I mentioned that I've been in a foul mood of late and that I know that I'll feel better if I get out and exercise but it's been about three weeks since I've done anything of the sort.

Tonight, I got real serious with myself, had some stern words and made the five minute journey from my flat to the gym in order to go swimming. I felt pretty proud about this. Look at me being all productive and motivated.

I have two main problems with swimming. First is that I hate water. I've mentioned that enough times around here. More particularly, I hate it when water goes up my nose, it actually must be the worst feeling in the world. To avoid this horror I wear a nose clip when I'm swimming. 

My second problem is that I appear to have either a) a really funny shaped nose b) a really slippery face or c) a combination of the both. This means that the bloody nose clip NEVER stays on my nose.

Tonight, I managed a grand total of five lengths before it fell off into the murky depths of the swimming pool. Of course, I didn't have contact lenses in so I couldn't see a thing. I spent ten minutes floating around at the top end of the pool, asking other swimmers to help me find my nose clip before I conceded that it was a lost cause and stomped out of the pool in a huff. The lifeguard on duty looked completely bewildered by this behaviour.

After the dramatic exit, I made my way to the showers, peeled off my swimming costume to find that the elusive nose clip had been hiding in there all along. Of course, it was far too awkward for me to go back out into the pool so I just continued getting showered and left my swim session at five pathetic lengths.

And then, AND THEN... I almost ate a fly.

It had managed to sneak its way in to my delicious bowl of ice cream and raspberries which promptly went in the bin after that. 

If there's a point to this ramble -dear god let there be a point - it's that I should probably buy a more sturdy nose clip and wash raspberries more thoroughly. 

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