Friday, 25 July 2014


I'm having a bad week. Sorry for being so blunt but it's true. What I like to do when I'm feeling a little bit low is look through all my holiday photographs although I'm not certain whether this makes me feel better or worse. Anyway, I thought that I'd do a little bit of reminiscing about my recent holiday today and also share some photographs on the blog that don't involve me looking like a drowned rat/covered in mud/sweating/huge forehead on show which is the type of photograph that you're more accustomed to seeing around these parts.

Our first full day in Berlin was spent on a bus tour, of which I'm a great advocate of. I always think that they're really good value for money as you get easy access to travel for the whole day, a little commentary about the history of the city and you often find things that you didn't even know you were looking for. All of the most famous tourist attractions in Berlin are accessed by the bus tour and here are some photographs of my favourites.

 Checkpoint Charlie

 Brandenburg Gate

 Berlin Wall Memorial

East Side Gallery

The weather was a little bit wild at times while we were in Berlin which is evidenced by our abundant use of waterproof jackets (which looked fabulous paired with my sensible sandals I must admit). I'm terrified of lightening so frequent storms weren't really my bag and you can see the terror in my eyes through the glasses. Ryan, evidently isn't so bothered by the thought of being fried alive by a bolt of electricity from the sky.

At 19 years old (way back in 2006) I spent the summer in Italy. During my stay they won the World Cup. In 2010 I visited Spain for my holidays. They won the World Cup that year. This year I went to Germany. Please tell me you can see where I'm going with this one? I'm genuinely considering the possibility that I have some kind of weird magic power.

On the Tuesday night of our holiday we made our way to the Brandenburg Gate at the back of which, was the Hyundai Fan Park Berlin. We watched the semi final of the World Cup here and the crowd went wild as Germany beat the Brazilians by seven goals to one. I could write a blog post on this experience alone but I won't because I'm probably milking it enough already but I'll just say that it was excellent and amazing and wonderful and epic. I think that's enough adjectives to describe it. Just.

I discovered wine with strawberries which is now my new favourite. We wore free T-shirts even though we had no idea what they said on them but we assumed it was something football related and hoped for the best- nb I've since found out that this means 'At Your Side' and was the strapline for the German campaign. We got photobombed and we sneakily photobombed in return. I managed to procure some kind of sticks which made funny noises when they were hit together so I was entertained by that for about ten minutes. Of course all of that paled in comparison to the actual game in which the goals came thick and fast and the crowd was going crazy.

On Wednesday we hired bikes and cycled around the Tiergarten and in fact through most of Berlin. I'd be surprised if there was a corner of the city we didn't discover. I've written before about how much I like cycling and Berlin is an excellent city for it because cyclists are allowed on the pavement which are wide enough to accommodate both them and pedestrians. It feels much safer than cycling here in Scotland. Also, there is a distinct lack of hills in Berlin which suits me quite nicely, thank you very much.

Then there was a trip to the Zoo and we recalled that Bears are Ryan's favourite, even though he likes Penguins too. We also managed to time our trip to the big cat part of the Zoo to concur with feeding time which was completely horrifying but impossible not to watch.

Have you been to Berlin? What was your favourite part?


  1. I loved this post!

    I went to Berlin a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I know it's a cop out but I loved the whole vibe in the city more than anything - it just felt so fun, young and exciting. Highlights including going to the flea market in Mauerpark, seeing stalls selling everything you can possibly imagine, and buying bags of fresh fruit and having an impromptu picnic on the grass. We stayed in Prenzlauer Berg and I fell a little in love with the neighbourhood - there was an open air cinema across the street from our hostel and we spent every evening wandering around the crowds of people drinking outside in the heat and getting our photographs taken in a little vintage photo-booth on the street.


    1. Oops I wrote a big long reply to you and I don't think I did it properly. It's below as a standalone comment. Ps also loved drinking in the streets in Berlin :)

  2. Yeh I agree with you about the vibe. When I first arrived it felt a bit flat but it's just different to other European cities and once you get used to it you really fall in love with how chilled out it is. We want to Mauerpark on a Monday which meant we missed the flea market. I was quite disappointed, it was totally empty when we went. We also didn't see much of Prenzlauer Berg (just drove through it on the tour bus) it looked quite cool though. We fell in love with Kreuzberg although I didn't feel quite cool enough to fit in with all the hipsters there haha. When we were coming home I spent quite a bit of time trying to convince Ryan to move there with me. No idea what we'd work as and our German is terrible though so it will be highly unlikely.

  3. Ahh Berlin. What a fab place, even when I visited in freezing cold grey November it still had this amazing atmosphere. Am extremely jealous you were there for the football that is just a once in a lifetime experience!

    1. It was a crazy experience being there for the football, although not once in a lifetime for me as I was in Italy for the entire campaign in 2006 when they won. I'm some kind of weird football lucky charm apparently. The fan park was incredible though - it was so underwhelming watching football on a normal screen when we got back home. Plus the introduction to wine with strawberries has changed my life haha.