Monday, 23 June 2014

There's so much to write about...

The next month is an exciting one for me as I set off on a number of adventures and hopefully will return with lots of stories to share here on the ol' blog.

Dolly Parton

I don't have a credit for this image. OOPS.

Dolly is one of my favourite people ever and I'm going to see her this weekend in the O2 arena in London. To make it even better, this means that I get to catch up with a few of my other favourite people in the world who live down in the Big Smoke. It's almost too exciting for words. I best get digging out my cowboy hat now eh?


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Not long after returning from London I'll be jetting off to Berlin. This is so exciting that every time I think about it I start practically hyperventilating. I'm a culture/politics/history geek at heart and so going somewhere steeped in a history as rich as Berlin's is truly my idea of a good time (I'm too cool for words - I know). One of the best things about this holiday will be my ability to impart any of my vague knowledge of German history and politics on the other half who I'm sure is as excited about this as I am.

Showing that I really know how to have a good time, I've already planned out an itinerary for every day. I have also invested in a pair of sturdy 'activity' sandals. This is definitely the nail in the coffin to any illusions I had about being fashionable. When Ryan sneered at my precious new sandals I responded with,

'Well, just think about how COMFORTABLE they will be!!'

Which is, I'm certain, the phrase that signals my decline into middle age and is a sure sign that I'm past it. Whether I ever really had it or not is debatable but let's ignore that point. I think ugly shoes are cool and anyway, comfort is of utmost importance to me these days so I frankly do not care how they look. They bloody better be comfortable though. Knowing my luck I'll get blisters all over my feet in them so I'll have been just as well wearing the tiny, strappy things that I've made a conscious effort to avoid.

A whole week off 

Upon returning from Berlin I have a whole week to spend exactly as I please. I'm thinking of trying to extend my jaunt by travelling around Scotland but there are some issues in regards to this which are mainly of the cash flow variety. It shall remain to be seen exactly how this week will be spent but hopefully I'll find a way to keep myself entertained. If the weather holds up in Scotland I might even find the opportunity to wear my middle age sandals again, which is an exciting thought. Those babies have practically paid for themselves already.

Ben Nevis

Image found here 

At the very culmination of the next month's worth of adventures is one of the biggest adventures of them all so far... a climb up the UK's highest mountain. Here's hoping for good weather (which is never certain in Scotland even in July) and a lack of avalanches. That would be good.

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