Monday, 19 May 2014

Sunday Strolls

Forgive the lack of words in this blog post. It is quarter to nine at night on a Monday morning and I've just returned from a 7 hour round trip in the car (I drove to Dingwall and back today for a meeting). I'm keen however to do this blog post as soon as possible because once this weekend hits the challenges will be coming thick and fast so I'll be focusing on them a little more.

I went out with my friend Lorraine's walking club yesterday and we went for a 12 mile stroll around the Pentland hills in Edinburgh. Despite living in the city for four years this is the first time that I've ventured over to the Pentlands and I was very pleasantly surprised. The paths look great for taking my bike around so I might try that sometime after I've recovered from the Triathlon.

We stopped for sandwiches and this little lady was quick to befriend us and look longingly at me in the hope of receiving some leftovers. She obviously doesn't know her target audience. Ain't nobody gettin' my sandwich.

As we were walking along a ewe and her two lambs came down the hill, clambered through a small stream and ran across our path into the field next to us. They were moving at a fair speed. That's a full pelt gallop in the photograph above!

The next post from me will be after the Triathlon this Sunday. Hopefully I'll complete the challenge this time!!

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