Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mid-March Update - 3 Challenges down

I'm three months into the challenges that I set myself in a hungover state on the 1st of January this year and although I've enjoyed the journey so far I have started to question what the hell I'm actually doing, even more so now that the three most difficult challenges (Triathlon, Tough Mudder and Ben Nevis) are looming dark on the horizon.

It's hard to write about the challenges and the training for them without this blog becoming like a fitness blog and that's the last thing that I want it to be but it is an important component of the journey and so here's the necessary training chat update for March.

The Triathlon training is going well. There's no issue with the biking and running, I just need to keep practicing to make sure my fitness levels are sufficient. My achilles heel and therefore the real challenge is the swimming and I'm happy to report that I'm coming on in leaps and bounds in that respect. On Friday evening I managed to swim thirty lengths front crawl and ten of those without stopping. To most people this probably sounds pretty easy, but for me it's a huge achievement. I don't think I've ever swam that far in my life and I felt like an excited puppy when I finished, telling everyone I came across looking for attention and maybe a little pat on the head to reward my achievement.

I suppose that swimming best exemplifies how I've started to take life head on this year and have discarded my fear of failure, instead just diving in* and getting on with things.
*Please excuse the terrible pun

Despite the improvements I was noticing in my training, I did start to worry that I was focusing a little bit too much on the Triathlon and as a result was neglecting any training for Tough Mudder which is only a couple of weeks later. Tough Mudder takes place over 12 miles and I just don't think I can bring myself to run that far in training because I get so bored. I'm therefore hoping that the overall stamina I'm developing for the Triathlon will stand me in good stead for both challenges. This probably isn't a wise idea and no doubt I'll find that out in a dramatic style on the day but I suppose that it will make for an entertaining blog post. Silver linings and all that.

Despite sacking off any potential distance training for Tough Mudder, I have at least given thought to the fact that I should probably get a little bit stronger in order to push and pull myself over all the obstacles. To this end I've been working with my friend and personal trainer Nick who is, I'm quite sure, a sadist. I had my first session yesterday and I'm honestly surprised that my arms are functioning enough to type out this blog post. After a warm up of sprinting up and down stairs, Nick had me completing chin ups, grip tests and box jumps in order to build some useful muscle. And I paid him for this torture. Madness so it is.

*Nick or Leslie Chow? Image from Pinterest

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