Saturday, 8 February 2014

Some February adventures...

As the first physical challenge draws ever closer (23rd February), I've been trying to up the training a little bit and have pushed the distances so now I'm running about 7k and cycling 20k when I have the time. It's difficult in the mornings as I'm pushed for time and then by the time it gets to the weekend, all I want to do is laze around and drink numerous cups of tea. I've been training on the stationary bike  in the gym and haven't actually been out on a real bike for years, which is an epic fail and now time seems to be flying past and I've only two weekends to go until the event. Not nervous at all...........

This month, I also started training for the Ben Nevis challenge in July and have been out walking quite a lot. This blog consists mainly of photographs from the walks I've been on this month and I apologise because I'm better with words than photography, so they're pretty amateurish.

The photos below were taken on a 12 mile walk from Slateford to Balerno via the Water of Leith.

And this was the state of my feet by the time I finished. You know you've worked hard when you've got holey socks!

I tried to keep the walking habits up throughout the month and I was over in Brussels with work so went for a lengthy walk around the city. Although I've been over once before I've never really explored it properly.

And finally back in Scotland I attended a conference at the lovely Loch Leven's Larder yesterday. On my way back to Edinburgh, I discovered a little trail which led to Loch Leven and decided to take a little walk. You'll see from the photos that it was a perfect day for it, although it was a little colder than it looks!

Oh yes and it's no longer dry January. I'm happy about  that!

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