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January so far...organising, training, soft juice and friends who may also have lost the plot

Although it might appear to have been a quiet month on the challenge front, as I haven't done anything as physical as I'm aiming for in the coming months, January has nonetheless been a busy and exciting month for me.

Firstly, my challenge for January was to abstain from alcohol for one month which has recently come to be known as 'Dry January'. I  do have a small confession to make about this challenge...this isn't something that I have never done before. In fact a few years ago I gave up alcohol in January and lasted for about 5 months, prompted by a few embarrassing experiences which probably best remain untold. This January's abstinence was prompted in a somewhat similar way (must be something about December that just tips me over the edge!) when I was scraped off the bathroom floor in a pub, bundled into my boyfriend's car and escorted home at 9pm after my Christmas night out. I've only worked at my new job for about 4 months so safe to say that it was an introduction and a half for them!!

But I digress, whatever the reasons behind it, I gave up alcohol for January this year and as I write this on the 25th of January (a day made for a wee dram if ever there was), I've made it through the whole month* without a drink and I'm not even really bothered about it, although to be fair I haven't been at any events where there has been free wine on offer to test my resolve. I have had a couple of nights out though and managed to stay firmly on the wagon. I do love a cup of tea and so I might start making my cuppas a little bit more extravagant like this one...

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(*erm...I drank on the 1st of January. Quite a lot in fact. There were forward rolls and dancing to R. Kelly involved whilst simultaneously convincing myself that I might actually be Beyonce. But this was all before I properly started on the challenges and also it's almost illegal in Scotland not to have a drink on the 1st of January and so I consider Dry January to be achieved. )

Whilst I've been making it through January without any alcohol, I've also been busy booking and training for some of the upcoming events. As it stands the updated list of challenges for the year is as follows;

All January - Dry January (almost complete)

23rd February - Bowhill series Duathlon (booked)

9th of March - Abseil at Ratho climbing centre (booked)

April - Birthday event (yet to be organised)

May - Midlothian Triathlon (although not yet confirmed that it's going ahead)

14th of June - Tough Mudder (booked - F***K!!)

19th of July - Ben Nevis (Hostel booked and 5 friends rounded up to join in)

August - still need a plan

September - perhaps brave runner

October - still need a plan

November - still need a plan

December - still need a plan

So you can see that January has indeed been a busy, if expensive, month for me as I've started to get the wheels in motion and organise a number of the events throughout the year.

It's also been a month where I've been surprised by the support of a number of friends who have offered up their own time (and perhaps sanity) to join in a number of the challenges. There are some who will be completing the Tough Mudder with me and I'm counting on them to physically push me over the obstacles and drag me the final 6 miles. Hopefully they'll also motivate me throughout the training a bit like this...

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Then there are others who have offered to join me in my climb up Ben Nevis, which will make my journey all the more fun as it will be shared with people whose company I enjoy most and whom I don't spend enough time with and now I've managed to trap them into spending 6 hours climbing up a mountain with me! I should probably make it known to them now that hill walking is not my forte and there are likely to be tears. My other half will be there though, and he is well accustomed to dealing with those so all should be fine.

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Oh yes, I also said I did some training didn't I? Well I've kind of started training by going to the gym 3 mornings a week, although I have skipped a couple of sessions and some of the distances I've been doing are pretty piddly in comparison to the actual challenges. Next month I will definitely need to step it up a gear, but the looming duathlon should hopefully give me a good hard push in that direction! 

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